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Friday, May 17, 2013


Ya allah....lama nyer xupdate blog kan. Sikap pemalas mmg dh mgalir dlm badan dari darjah 6.moga sikap ni xturun menurun :P.

Well gonna update the only diva. The only ok.....penambahan xberlaku lagi. Jangan rase diri ku lenyap few month. Ade penambahan... owhhhh no! Tgh berkire2 lagi utk penambahan. Nilu xilang lagi :P

Ehhh....kembali ke diva punye cerita. Now bella already start at smart readers. Baru je a month. As ull know last time she was school at julia gabriel. Klu kami anta kat ctu jugak in this age. Pcayalahhhhhhh..... bella will not have a adik. Dok bayar yurannnnnn je keje kan.

She gud at smart readers. Still cannot speech n speak very proper one. Words to words. Atleast xbisu....alhamdulilah. mulut sgt mak nenek. Klu mak dia mak joyah. Bella will be comelllllll x kak ton. Even xproper talk pon. She can make me laughing smp kuar air mata. Aishhhh ko....kak tonnnn

Everyone said smart reader more to academic. Which is mmg betul but for bella. I suggest to teacher. Dunt really push her abt academic. Bella go to school. Utk berkawan...... kelassss. Mak bayar p skolah utk ko main. Hamboiiii

Bella kat this condo.... xberapa ramai kawan. Kawan2 smua p playschool like her. Aduiii la budak skrg. Dl aku umor ko... tgh main pondok2 dgn jiran. Well zaman dah maju..... mak follow the flow ajeh

She still continue with her ballet n tap dance. Acct on this 25th. She have a show. But too bad. We all xbole join the show. Sbb my SIL married. Klu x....ko merasa record vedio ala2 mat salleh dlm tv. Ewahhhhhh. Tapi kan....kan..kan. btol la ballet ni utk org bduit. Mmg fees dia murah. Rm90 for 4times ballet. But when she doing a exam. N she pass th3 exam..... she have to join the show. 1table rm2500... hoiiiiii!aku anak sorg je kot. Nak duk kerusi sorg je.... *lap peloh*

Eh.....korg tau x.exercise tu addicted. My weight now 48kg. kbai!

Friday, November 30, 2012

own her way to be bellarina and tap dancer

Hey u.....ketemu kembali. Today xnak citer pasal julia gabriel dh. Sbb dh school holiday. On the last day school also bella not attend the classs. She have bad health. Muntah2 n cirit birit. Its really bad bcoz admitted almost 4days. Hoefully that was 1st n last admitted. No more plz.....i will update the hospital story later. Kite trus langkah ke happy story ;)

Last week i send her to trial class for ballet n tap class dancing. Its was fun i guess... Coz i cant watch class. We just can record the video only. Itupon the teacher yg record kan. I send her to karen bun. Bangalow studio....not a mall or shop lot. It was scary for the 1st time. But 2nd time. I used to be normal mummy.

Why i send there?the 1st reason.....she the onevyg accept baby below 3years old. The 2nd reason its. I have fren yg anta anak dia gak kat sana. Thanks to azura....dia yg google it all about karen bun ni.

The best thing is....teacher bella its not like baya2 kite....kertu2 gitu. She its 16....and already graduate to be a teacher. If was fun kan....tgk budak2 yg ajar. I hope bella really enjoy it. Bcoz bella not really interest to be dancer. Were yes!me n her dad :P.......we not send her to be a dancer. We want her have gud posture n displicine as a ballerina did

Ehhh!ko jgn sangka easy to be dancer ok. They have to be displine....polite.... Tadi xpasal2. Me n zura kene marah dengan karen ban sbb datang lambat. Ko mampu mak kene marah!

Sumore depan2 parents tau dia marah budak 4tahun sbb xresponsibility tertggal baju n shoes dia kat studio. Karen ban look like straight person....maybe dulu2 dia di ajar cmtu. Her mum also last time its bellarina.

Time we chatting just now.....i can see that she its sttaight n honest person. Cakap lepas gitu. Sbb dia kate....klu xsuke the way she teach our kids. The door not lock. U can open n walk away....Selambaaaaa kan. So speak abt dispilicine and bella????ouchhhh....kene tarik telinga la koooooo.

So guys....who want to know the detail or address for karen ban classes. Do email or just comment je. Sbb as i know. They dunt put the adresses kt blog dorg. Bhayaaaaa.....

Tq uuuuuu

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cinta syazabella 2nd birthday party

Hei....welll punye la lama nk update blog again. Ntah bz ape pon i xtau. So here the pict di tmpt kejadian.

Emmmmmm........wut u call now?cinta besday or notttt so cinta besday. Its more to mummy besday sbb syok sdiri bring all fren yg some fren xde kids pon. Hahahahhaha.... Hoverrrrr

Tapi xpe.....atleast we had so much fun with clown...swimming...eating mama n mother in law cooking......lamb for aqiqah...cake cutting..singing...ngangam style gosip ;)

Appriacte to all fren yg attend to cinta besday. I love u'll

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The leg will be same size soooon

Hei gang.....did u notice that my baby cinta will turn 2 soon. Alhamdulillah..... Well we will celebrating her birthday on this sunday 14oct :) plus we will do aqiqah for her too.

My life in 2years 9month only with her....... It was so fun when i have a little diva like me. We share a same hobby......melawaaaaaa :)

Little bit jeleous to her coz she have curly have but not me......try to do. But this degil hair straight it again like guna shampoo pon voleeeeee

So for anak mummy.........hope u will enjoy this coming sunday. Barney theme for sure :)..... Mummy love u soooo much *tarik rmbut afro*

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Julia gabriel kindergarten

Almost 3weeks dah bella school. Tapi not everyday.....just 2times a weeks.

Akhamdulillah....can see bella speak in english. Not the proper one. But can hear the little2 maglish...hhhahha (tq)..u too (i love u too)

Bella still cant speak properly. But she is bebel girl. Alwayz talking2....chit chat with all x betapa dia suke mbebel

She is still mesra alam like usual. Can hug...can kiss...can shake hand to anybody. Its not good acct.. But im happy wut she do now. Mesra alam

So...enjoy the pict guys

Saturday, August 4, 2012

She know how to posing

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Weird bella

Bella skrg dh pandai demand nak tangkap pict bukan2.....sgt bukan2..xpaham akuuu....